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Svnbox - Syncing everywhere
Sync you folder to an svn repository everywhere on the web this softwhere will help you keep your files up to date and to work with a group on the same syncing folder

screenshots :


  • Open source
  • Simple Interface
  • Profiles loader for Multi instance
  • Instance publication with conflict manager
  • .Net framework 2.0
  • Version 32bit / 64bit
  • Usage of SharpSvn librery


  • Icons overlays
  • Separate x32 x64 versions
  • Monos version for Linux and Mac

Why to use an Svn server

  • Free to install you'r own server (SharpSVN is very nice)
  • Version control (every modification can rolled back)
  • Free repositories everywhere on the web (Google code / Codeplex / SourceForge )
  • SSL native support.
  • Apache based
  • No limits space with your private hosting
  • No limits of user creations with your private hosting
  • Some web interface and allways accesible

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